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According to the CDC, 54.4 million US adults suffer from some form of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, can occur because of injury, infection, from being overweight, or for some, it can be heredity. Knee Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in the joints breaks down causing chronic knee pain, stiffness, and abnormal joint functioning. At Centerville Medical Center, we offer viscosupplementation or those individuals suffering from the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis. 

The knee is the largest joint in the body, the knee moves like a hinge, allowing you to sit, squat, walk, or jump. When knee problems arise, they can interfere with almost all your daily activities and certainly compromise your participation in more advanced activities or sports. Due to the wear of tear that happens along the joints, living with osteoarthritis can make daily life painful. 

Often patients complain that they feel the loss of control of when their knee (or other joints) may act up, cause pain, or limit their ability to do something. Quite safe to say, that this condition does affect day to day life. With regenerative medical solutions like viscosupplementation, patients are able to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis minimally invasively. 

Guided Viscosupplementation for Osteoarthritis

Ninety-two percent of all patients with osteoarthritis have experienced a substantial increase in the ability to walk and exercise, without pain. Viscosupplementation is proving to be an effective way to manage pain and get patients back on their feet. If conventional treatment modalities have failed you, viscosupplementation may be what you need. 


Visco-supplementation is a minimally invasive procedure whereby a gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid is painlessly injected into the knee joint allowing it to move more freely with less pain mitigating the need for joint replacement. This gel-like fluid acts as a lubricant, that helps bones move more freely and lessen the shock effect from putting weight on the affected joint. A series of five injections over a five-week period is scheduled.


Bracing the affected joint can further benefit the patient through managing the amount of weight on the joint. It is utilized to off-load the weight being leveled on the affected knee. This creates space in the joint which helps decrease inflammation and enhance the healing process.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is instrumental in increasing strength and flexibility in and around the joint. This enhances the ability to walk and exercise more, resulting in a healthier and happier life. It also involves doing very specific exercises designed to prompt your joints, tendons, and muscles to begin to heal. The therapy also strengthens all of the tendons and muscles around it to keep it from further injury. 

Providing Relief For Patients With Osteoarthritis In Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

If you or a loved one is suffering from the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis, our experts can help. Viscosupplementation may provide relief for your osteoarthritis where conventional methods have failed. To learn more about viscosupplementation and how it may help manage your symptoms, contact our specialists today. Our medical professionals are standing by and ready to help get you back on your feet.


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